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Annika Jeppson

Owner, Thorne & Co.


The Yoffi team is very easy to work with and has already helped me complete several projects. They have provided great support when visiting suppliers in China both for QC procedures and helping me understand the cultural differences. For my sourcing they make the process simple and transparent. A pleasure to work with!


Julian S.

CEO, Schmidt Gmbh

They did and are still doing a tremendous job in representing my interests on the ground. Outsourcing several services to Yoffi Ltd. has helped us to save considerable costs and time in our venture into the Chinese market. I definitely recommend working with them.

shishov review.PNG

Viacheslav Shishov

CEO, Idle Corp.


Alex and Biranit are real experts in their field and very comfortable to work with. ​The Yoffi team is doing a tremendous job in handling operations in China. They have helped me to find high quality suppliers, without having to deal with any middle men. This led to significant cost savings. 100% Recommend!



If you are reading this part, chances are high that you are already running your own Amazon business, possibly via FBA.

Many of our clients range from beginner level sellers to top ranking Amazon pros and they have one thing in common: Our expertise in this field is highly valued.


Not only by sourcing in China, but also by running our own FBA stores, we are familiar with all aspects of this type of industry. We do understand the impact of customer reviews on the sales numbers and all upstream implications for the product quality.


By working with us, you will have a partner who will optimize your product for the sale on Amazon, starting from its creation 

map yoffi sourcing.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 6.15.09 PM.png

Quality Inspection, the right way.

Our unique approach to quality inspection lets the client freely choose on what standard we should follow. Whether you provide us with a tailor-made checklist with documents and pictures or you let us follow our own process, a satisfactory outcome is guaranteed.


As a foreign-invested business, we see it as our advantage to understand western quality and design standards that are not common in China. 

We excel at special quality and design requirements


Entering the Chinese market does not have to be expensive and there are several ways to do it.


You may consider to open your own office but are hesitating because of steep costs involved in company registration, hiring employees, intransparent processes and other red-tape.


With Yoffi as your local representative, it will feel as if you are there yourself, only without the hassle and much more flexibility.


Our registered legal entity enables us to fully represent your business, including issuing tax invoices, HR, etc.  



Representation, as if you were there yourself.

  • How long does it take to source my product?
    This highly depends on the nature, complexity and requirements of the product you are looking for. Generally it can be said that for a simple product it takes at least 2 weeks to create a list of potential factories. For complex products which involve the sourcing of components and sub-suppliers it can take 2 months and more.
  • Can I trust Yoffi Ltd. to conduct business in my interest?
    Absolutely! Trust and Transparency are two of our main values. For all projects we strictly follow our communication policy and inform our clients with frequent updates and access to cloud based project files. Kickbacks and other offerings from suppliers are a red flag and will not be tolerated.
  • Are you a registered company in Mainland China?
    Yes, we are a wholly foreign owned enterprise (WFOE) registered in Shanghai and therefore are capable of: issuing tax invoices, hiring employees and signing binding contracts under chinese law.
  • Do you offer Legal Services?
    One of our partners is a BAR certified lawyer and can offer legal services for international contracts, patents, NDA, etc.
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