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Our Values, your advantage.

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Trust is the foundation of every successful business relationship and takes considerable time to develop. We make sure that our clients can trust us blindly and vice versa.

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A common issue when doing business across borders and especially in China is the lack of clarity over local processes. We believe that with the help of modern technology, this issue can easily be overcome. 

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Being a foreign-invested company in China run by Westerners removes that language and (often also culture) barrier. This is especially true for special design and quality requirements.

For who is this?

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The Amazon Seller


Many of our customers, old and new, are successful Amazon sellers with the majority using FBA. Our sourcing process can be tailored to FBA specific requirements like packaging, labeling and quality. Running our own Amazon Stores in the US and Europe gives us full insight into the whole supply chain and lets us see the connection between a products quality and its Amazon reviews.

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The Small/Medium Sized Enterprise (SME)


A) You are a startup company planning to import your goods from China but are overwhelmed by the complexity and differences in the far-eastern market place.

B) You are a well-established medium sized firm, are already sourcing products from China, but are tired of allocating your own resources to a procurement process that is not the core competence of your business

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The New Comer


You are a digital nomad/freelancer or about to start your side-gig. You are getting into e-commerce, have all your marketing lined up, but are still not sure how and where to get your product manufactured. Send us a message and we can help you get started!


"Alex and his company have been able to source high-quality products, negotiate fast lead times whilst delivering considerable cost savings on high quantity orders. Alex and his team are highly recommended"

—  Ryan C.

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to source a product?

This largely depends on the product complexity, design requirements and industry specifics and therefore sourcing times can vary. On average I takes about 2 weeks to have identified your top supplier candidates, and another 2 weeks to communicate all your requirements and choose a favorite.

Why do I need an agent, can I not source the product myself?

Yes you can. For simple products we would even encourage you to handle this internally, given you can spare the time it takes. For complex technical, high quality and special design requirements a sourcing agent can provide you with significant cost savings down the line. Here are the two biggest advantages: 1. Sourcing is our core competency, like a barber cuts hair. Unless you have your own sourcing department, it can be of great advantage to outsource this process. 2. We are on the ground. Being in China does not only cancel out the time difference, it also lets us be highly responsive with sample shipments and on-site visits.

Can you also manage production?

For many clients we do not stop at the sourcing process. We offer project management to oversee complex production processes including several sub-suppliers and logistics setups.

Do you offer Quality Checks (QC)?

Yes we offer a QC service and recommend to do at least a pre-shipment check before paying the full balance to the supplier.